Joseph Abboud


How do you get a guy’s guy to care about fashion? One suit at a time. Joseph Abboud was looking to establish itself as a true fashion brand while still appealing to its core consumer- the guy’s guy. We knew that our guy might be a little intimidated, turned off even, by high fashion. We needed to be approachable and relaxed but still put our most fashionable foot forward. So what’s a fashion brand to do? We created a voice for the brand that our guy would feel comfortable with and could relate to…one that spoke his language. Through the use of witty style tips, we were able to give Joseph Abboud an authoritative, but friendly personality that stripped away the pretentiousness our guy associates with fashion brands and gave him the confidence he needs to pull the look off himself. Next, we made sure we had the right look. So nothing but a manly man would do - an exceptionally well dressed manly man of course.


Executed across Print, Digital, OOH, and in-store - the campaign surpassed all desired metrics including increased distribution, store traffic, and double-digit sales.