Taylor Swift Wonderstruck


At the highpoint of her career, crossover country artist Taylor Swift wanted to launch her first fragrance. Neil knew that to compete with the thousands of celebrity fragrances on the market, he had to leverage her brand and fan base in a way that would create a bona fide industry stir.


The perfume was called Wonderstruck—a lyric from her song Enchanted—and fantasy sequences were created around the song, which were shown on TV and online. In-store signage and print supported the mini films, all of which reflected Taylor’s innocence, alluring personal style and natural beauty.


Wonderstruck became the largest celebrity perfume launch of 2011 and made $50 million in sales within its first year. It also fed the celebrity fragrance niche, which saw a spike in sales of 57%. Due to its success, KraftWorks was asked to help develop its flanker in 2012—Wonderstruck Enchanted.

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