Women associated Playtex with their grandmothers’ bras, which meant that a makeover and a fresh, standout voice was in order to rid the brand of its stodgy image.


KraftWorks knew the answer lay in barefaced honesty. With that, the Girl Talk campaign was born, featuring real women bonding over their shared bra dramas. TV and online videos drove awareness, while digital banners helped reach new consumers. A unique e-commerce tool was even developed to help women navigate the otherwise overwhelming bra shopping process.


Since its launch in 2007, Girl Talk has increased sales over 40% on showcased items and 10% across the entire brand portfolio. The long-form commercial went viral and achieved over 4 million views, making it the #2 most-watched video on Additionally, it resulted in $6 million of unpaid media impressions, 1,132,629 new visitors to the site (a 40% increase) and over $1 million in online sales.