Calvin Klein


In the early 90s, Calvin Klein was losing relevancy with consumers and needed to do something drastic to turn the fate of his empire around. Neil was tasked with helping to reinvent the brand, which was vital toward changing consumer perceptions.


Part of the rebranding strategy would involve a boxer-clad Mark Walberg and topless Kate Moss in what is still considered one of the sexiest, most iconic fashion campaigns of the 20th century. Not only did CK underwear begin flying off shelves, but a global cultural movement had been spurred. Neil also modernized the brand’s logo, packaging and shopping bag, as well as helped launch and reconceive the groundbreaking CKOne and Obsession fragrances. All efforts further solidified CK as THE essential brand for young-and-sprung urban tastemakers.


The campaign increased profitability of the underwear line from $11 million to $150 million, grossing $70 million in a single year. It not only turned Calvin Klein’s empire around, but also made CK underwear the undisputed staple of men’s fashion it remains today.